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Write Love

Ashley Johnson

I believe my love for writing came from my inspiring English Teacher in Grade 3, Mrs. Stout. She taught me some skills that I use on a daily basis, such as the importance of proofreading (if there ends up being a typo in this post, I'm sorry to disappoint you, Mrs Stout).

It's challenging for me to find adequate words to describe how much I enjoy putting pen to paper, and sending a note off to another human.

 Fab book recommended by Jessica Lewis of  The Paper Trail Diary , card by  Grey Moggie Press , bear by  Commonfolk , *please note~ I discovered Grey Moggie Press & Ink Meets Paper (below) from the radtastic Andrea Raymond-Wong ( @dreyray ) of  ♡

Fab book recommended by Jessica Lewis of The Paper Trail Diary, card by Grey Moggie Press, bear by Commonfolk, *please note~ I discovered Grey Moggie Press & Ink Meets Paper (below) from the radtastic Andrea Raymond-Wong (@dreyray) of

There is a Snail Mail Revolution taking place right now, which involves people returning to letter writing, as opposed to sending a text or an email, or communicating via other forms of social media.
I was doing this well before the internet even existed, and have never stopped.

I genuinely love sending mail, and do so as much as I possibly can.

It warms my heart to hear friends I've known for years explain that they have a box full of correspondence from me. That said, I don't expect people to keep what I send them for all eternity, all I'm attempting to do is give them a moment of pause, a mindful moment, where they can refuel their souls and spirits with some joy, knowing that someone out there is thinking of them, and loving them, and rooting for them. 

 Pouch by  eggpress , Book for Paper Lovers from  Flow Magazine

Pouch by eggpress, Book for Paper Lovers from Flow Magazine

April is National Letter Writing Month which is something I believe is worth celebrating. WOOT WOOT!

I'm a huge fan of the Write On Campaign started by Egg Press and Hello! Lucky Cards two years ago. The premise is to encourage people to write 30 Letters in 30 Days in the month of April.
To help people along, they (with other sponsors this year such as Mohawk Paper, Chronicle Books, and Sakura of America) mailed out TEN THOUSAND free letter writing kits to Snail Mailers around the world.
I find this mind blowing, and genuinely spectacular that there are people out there doing awesome things like this.

 Postcard by  Ink Meets Paper , Snail Mail Is Sexy card by  Grey Moggie Press , Snail Mail Forever Sticker by  Q&A Letterbox , Happy Mail sticker by  Queenie's Cards

Postcard by Ink Meets Paper, Snail Mail Is Sexy card by Grey Moggie Press, Snail Mail Forever Sticker by Q&A Letterbox, Happy Mail sticker by Queenie's Cards

We, at The A of G are doing a few of our own things this month to propel the Snail Mail Revolution.

Firstly, we are releasing our Write Love Letterbox which has been months in the making. We have sourced our favourite Canadian stationery lines to compile a unique collection of greeting cards, vintage postage stamps, washi tape, pens, date stamps & notebooks, and it's all contained in a beautiful salvaged wood box by Hobo Woodworks. It will be going live next week, so keep your eyes peeled for it in our online shop.
Our charity of choice for this collection is The Writers' Exchange which is a RAD organization that gets inner-city kids excited about reading and writing by offering free programs.
Check out this video, it's heartwarming.

Secondly, we are hosting our first community event called Write Love. Community and connection are so important to us, especially face to face interaction.
We are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this event for our Vancouver community.
It is a FREE Letter Writing event where you can simply come, write a letter, and spread some love.
All your letter writing needs will be supplied; paper, postcards, vintage typewriters, rubber stamps, washi, tea & treats, as well as a postage stamp so you can mail off your letter.
We would LOVE to see you there, please RSVP.
It's at one of our most favourite spots, Studio 126, on Sunday April 17th from 2-5pm.

We are also holding a Write Love Pop Up Letter Writing Social at Revolver Coffee on Tuesday April 26th from 3-6pm.
Be sure to put this on your calendar, and stop in, to write a postcard or letter to one of the super cool humans in your life (or a pet, or a plant, or an alien of your choosing).

Thirdly, we are holding our first instagram auction to raise funds for The Writer's Exchange.
Our goal is to raise a minimum of $2000 which will enable a class of inner-city kids, and their teacher, to create a publishing project with the support of The Writers' Exchange.
The auction will be held Sunday April 24th from 12-6pm (PST) on our instagram feed.
We have a myriad of FANTABULOUS donations so far, and couldn't be more grateful for the support we are receiving for this project.

 Cards by  Print Therapy : A feel good paper apothecary

Cards by Print Therapy: A feel good paper apothecary

The beautiful cards pictured above have been donated by Melissa & Nick of Print Therapy for the gift bags we will be giving away to the first ten humans who arrive, and write a letter at our Letter Writing event on the 17th.

These gift bags will also contain Scatter Kindness Cards by Pay It Forward Gear. They enable you to spread good vibes by sending written messages out into the world for strangers to find (a concept we wholeheartedly believe in).

We really hope you can come.
It's going to be magic.

Signing off for now...
Go Write some Love (#WriteLoveYVR).

Oodles of love, laughter, light, and GREAT coffee...

Ash xo